City sues entire church membership for worshipping

Communism is in full operation in parts of our great country. In a communist dictatorship God has no place because the government is God and must be treated like such.

The county of Ventura California has sued the Pastor of Godspeak Calvary Chapel Church. The pastor, Rob McCoy, said he is willing to go to jail. And not only is the county and health department suing the pastor they are also suing 1,000 John Does in the church. Basically every member is getting sued.

The activist judge hearing the case has granted a restraining order on the pastor.

This is an all out war on the church. When California encouraged thousands of protesters who are gathering on the state almost daily to keep it up, they lost the right to say it’s about protecting people’s health.

I’d say every church in Ventura county needs to gather together and March to the heath department there and protest till they drop the charges. Or how about every Christian anywhere within 3 hours go and protest.

We as Christians must unite against this rogue government or we will lose our right to worship for good. You don’t believe it? Everything that’s happening right now in this country with our God given rights being taken away was all just “conspiracy theory” a year ago. Wake up! Our country is being taken over by communists!

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