Watch video: Black CNN reporter arrested while reporting LIVE tv

Ok, this isn’t my typical news report. I’m calling foul on this one. There is no way on God’s green earth that real police would arrest a black CNN reporter on live tv. During this sensitive issue going on. I mean come on! There are riots going on all across the country for the gruesome murder of an unarmed black man so we’re going to arrest a black journalist on live tv. I have no proof yet, but I’m calling this as staged. Fake.

Why didn’t they arrest the other guys with him. The “officer” cuffs the black reporter then gently hands the mic to the camera guy then he walks the black reporter about 30 yards away to nothing then stops. Then the feed cuts. You couldn’t get any more fake. This would not be the first time the media faked something to get ratings. This was in Minneapolis Minnesota at the heart of the riots.

You watch for yourself and be the judge.



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