Amazing Story: God saves woman from flying off 1,000ft cliff

The above featured picture is the actual picture of the cliff Lizzie Fleming would have fallen off of it it weren’t for a miracle from God.

Lizzie who grew up in California had a rough life before she met Christ. She was an addict until she got saved four years ago and has been sober ever since. Her husband, Forrest, has the same testimony. Her goal in life is to share Christ and His saving power.


Well, as  Christian I know God is never done doing miracles in our lives and Lizzie has one that saved her life physically

What she thought was going to be a nice afternoon drive almost turned fatal:

“I was going around a corner. I thought another car was in my lane and I over corrected and hit the guard rail … then I went back toward the side of the mountain that had no gaurd rail and I screamed “Jesus help me help me” and my tire flew off. I was caught on the embankment by my axel.”



Her truck stopped about 3ft from the edge of the cliff. Jesus is in the miracle business. I have no doubt that God knocked that tire off of that car to keep it from going over the edge.

Lizzie was also able to give the gospel during a interview she had on Fox News.

Watch video in link below.


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