Church burned to ground by angry resident(s) for meeting during Covid_19

A church in Holly Springs, MS was burned down and exploded due to an arsonist. The arsonist spray painted in the parking lot, “You Stay Home Now You Hypocrites”.


I’ve seen first hand the hatred for those who desire to get back to normal. The hatred against churches for wanting to meet. The media has fanned the flames to create an atmosphere that those who want freedom are the bad guys. So, of course Christians who believe the church should get back to gathering are now being vilified as evil, selfish people who want to kill grandma.

Sadly this virus is doing more to polarize Americans more than anything else the left wing media could have hoped for. This is the golden ticket for liberals to justify their hatred for Christians and really any freedom loving American.

The good thing is that I know that God wins in the end! Pray for the First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs,MS.


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