Washington state will not allow people exposed to Covid to leave their homes to buy food without trace monitoring

Governor Inslee of Washington state held a press conference to lay out his plan to open up Washington.

Part of his plan would require all residents who have or who have been exposed to someone with Covid to have a trace mechanism. Would this include devices like an ankle monitor or a chip inserted in them? Possibly, But would most likely be done through their phone. This could lead to all kinds of paths we don’t want to go down. The purpose is allegedly to track and trace them for the purpose of tracking the Corona Virus.1149645248.jpg.0

These residents who refused to be tracked would not be allowed to leave their homes to buy necessities like food and prescriptions without this trace mechanism. If they refuse to use the trace device they would have to have friends or a “government provided support personnel” to get basic necessities. If they refuse both to stay home and wear trace device they will have to deal with legal consequences. (32:15 on video https://www.tvw.org/watch/ )

“Governor Inslee announces 1,371 contact tracers trained and ready to implement his “box-the-virus” phase.”

The Lynwood Times first broke this story but their website is down because of “overloaded servers” due to a high influx of traffic according to their Facebook page.


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