Republican legislature overrides veto saving voter ID laws!

In a sweeping vote on Tuesday, Republicans passed 27 to 6 in the Senate and 60 to 29 in the House to override the Democratic governor’s Veto. The new Democrat governor tried to stop a bill that would require voter ID in all elections. It then went on to be signed by Secretary of State Michael G. Adams, a Republican.

Governor Beshear vetoed the bill on April 3. But an override was predicted because of the legislature’s Republican supermajorities. Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Andy Beshear speaks to the crowd gathered during his public swearing-in ceremony in Frankfort

We have ID laws for drinking, driving and many other activities. To presume that voter ID laws are somehow racist or oppressive is a logical fallacy to say the least.

This is great news for Kentucky Republicans. This is great news for democracy!



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