Why I, as a Baptist preacher, will vote for Trump in 2020.

I really have a hard time with Christians who hate President Trump. There is a reason the majority of Christians support Trump.

There is also a reason Hollywood, satanists, most all establishment politicians, the media and most every rich elitist person in this country hates him. Whose side are you on?

He is literally the most pro-Christian president in this century. No he’s not perfect but he’s done more for Christian causes than Reagan did.

1. He has practically defunded the largest baby killing organization in the world, PP.

2. He supports Israel.

3. He puts Constitutionalist, pro- life judges on the bench.

4. He did away with the Johnson amendment.

5. He’s not afraid or ashamed to talk about God or Jesus publicly, unlike Obama.

6. He’s literally said publicly that America should not trust the government, but that we should trust God.

7. He’s reinstated Bible studies back in the white house.

8. He has a VP who is one of the most Christian politicians in politics today.

If you hate Trump and claim to be a Christian I don’t want to question if you are saved, but really? I get that you don’t like his personality or his vulgarity. I get that.

But the man has been used by God to keep Christians out of jail. If we lose Trump in 2020, mark it down, Christians will start being thrown in jail.

And what happened to forgiveness and grace? People ask me, “how can you support a man who said, ‘grab her by the #@%$’?”

My answer: that was over a decade ago. He was a billionaire playboy. Are you really surprised? I’m glad God doesn’t hold things over us we did over 10 years ago. It amazes me that so called Christians can’t forgive a man’s sin he committed over a decade ago. They preach grace but have none.

“But he’s hates immigrants!” False. He is against illegal immigration as am I. Breaking the law is not right or fair to those who came here legally.

“But he’s racist!” Wrong. “But he called African countries “bleephole” countries.”

Let me ask you this? If you went to a country where there were really no common amenities. The government killed their own people just because. The economy was horrible. People lived on dirt floors etc… would you say that was a pretty terrible place to live? My answer is yes. So you agree with Trump. He’s just vulgar in how he says it.

Most every argument I’ve heard as to why I shouldn’t support Trump is null and void. Basically I’m supposed to not vote for him because he’s not nice all the time. That’s all there is to it.

But I’m supposed to believe I should vote for a baby killing, socialist, God hating, Israel hating, America hating Democrat???

My answer…Trump 2020! #KAG

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