Why Boycott when I can just live a normal life?

So I’m writing this article due to a viral post going around facebook. Here is the post…

“Today i wore Nike, carried a gun, drank Starbucks, said a little prayer, had lunch at In and Out, shook hands with a veteran, had a friendly conversation with a Democrat, drove my Ford and kicked zero puppies.You too can have the best of both worlds. It’s called being normal.

#ratchetdown #normalisthenewblack #burningclothesisnotpolitical #itsstupid”


So, why boycott when I can live a normal life? Well as a Christian God has not called us to be normal. In fact we are called to be different. Paul didn’t preach the gospel to the known world by being normal. Joseph didn’t save the nation of Israel by being normal. Peter didn’t preach at Pentecost by being normal. Since when are we as Christians supposed to be normal and accepted by the world? The simple fact is we are not.

No one changes the world by being normal. The movers and shakers of society aren’t normal. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to just be normal. I want to make a difference and if that means putting my money where my mouth is then so be it.

These liberal, God hating, America hating, flag stomping corporations are betting on people being more concerned with convenience than principle. I believe there are enough God fearing, red blooded Americans who will put their money where their mouth is and take a stand against these ungodly corporations who think they can shove their despicable agendas down our throats all the while living off the profits of the very people they hate. We’ve already seen these boycotts work with target and the NFL. People stood on their principles and said enough is enough.

I for one believe in taking a stand against the powers of wickedness.  Because I want to make a difference in this world. I’d rather take a stand even at the cost of ridicule and loss of friends. Now if you choose not to boycott I won’t criticize you, but if you want to criticize those of us who do here is a message for you…you go ahead and have your 2.5 children living in your dainty house with a white picket fence and live a normal life….accomplish nothing that lasts. And when you die we’ll even have cut in your tomb stone that you lived a “normal life”.

History doesn’t remember normal people.



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