10 Things Every Teacher Wished Parents Knew

I’m not currently a teacher. So you may ask, “Why are you writing this?” Let me give you my credentials. I majored in English education and minored in missions in college. I student taught children with dyslexia while in college. I was a part time Bible teacher on the high school level for two years. I’ve worked directly with children and teenagers as a bus captain/children’s pastor/bus teen pastor for 12 plus years. My wife has been a teacher in a christian school for 5 years. Both of my parents have been in and out of education for 12+ years. My father-in-law is a public school teacher. My mother in law taught for the public schools for 40+ years, and currently teaches in a catholic school. So needless to say, I have spoken with many other teachers and have heard their sentiments on this subject, It would probably be safe to say that 99.9% of school teachers would sign their name to bottom of this in endorsement to what I’m about to say, though many of them would be afraid to say it.


1. We are not out to get your child. 

If your child is always getting in trouble at school it is not because the teachers are out to get your child, but probably is that your child is always being disobedient or rebellious. I’ve never met a teacher that their mission in life was to make life miserable for a particular student.

When I was a kid if I got in trouble at school, I got in more trouble when I got home. Don’t be that parent that bad mouths the teacher when your child gets in trouble. All you are doing is empowering your child to rebel against authority.

2. We got into education because we want to better the children we teach. 

When I was teaching I wanted nothing more than for the children I was teaching to grow in the knowledge of the subject matter being taught. But not only that; we want to better your child’s character through practical life lessons learned through the responsibility that schooling brings.

3. If the teacher’s word differs from your child’s word, the teacher isn’t lying. 

It always cracks me up when little Jonny’ mom takes the word of their child over the word of the teacher. Kids lie. It’s their nature. That’s what spanking is for. I’ve known the best of kids to lie about a situation, or embellish a situation to get out of trouble or to pit their parents against a teacher they don’t like. Parents…i can’t reiterate this enough. We are on the same team!

4. It’s not the teacher’s job to earn the respect of the student. 

We live in a society that lifts kids above adulthood. This is not only unbiblical it’s absurd. Even an adult who maybe does not deserve respect should be treated with respect by a child or teenager simply because kids should respect their elders. A teacher’s job is to teach the student, not worry about gaining their respect. Parents, please teach your children to respect authority. So many problems could be avoided in school if kids respected authority.

5. The teacher is a professional; let them be the teacher. 

You wouldn’t tell the doctor how to do his job would you? You wouldn’t tell the mechanic or electrician how to do his job would you? But for some reason parents seem to think it perfectly fine to tell the teacher how they are doing it all wrong. Lol. A teacher will spend thousands of dollars getting a degree to learn how to teach and most likely be underpaid for what they have to do. Let the teacher do their job. No they aren’t prefect, but give them some grace as they deal with sometimes dozens of children every day.

6. Children don’t always act the same way at school as they do at home. 

Your child may be a little angel at home**cough** but when they are around all their friends and away from your authority, they tend to act differently. “My child would never do that.” Umm, yea they probably would. Everyone likes to think of their children as the model children, but no child is perfect. And that’s ok.

7. Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child. 

This is a biblical statement. All children have foolishness bound in them. Why? Because the Bible says so. It’s called the sin nature. Don’t be so surprised when your child’s teacher calls you with something your child said or did that was foolish. The Bible says that the rod of correction will drive it far from him!

8. Just because your child got in trouble at school doesn’t mean that we think you are a bad parent and that he is a bad kid. 

I think some parents are so quick to defend their child’s misbehavior at school because they automatically think the teachers will think they are a bad parent. I would be more apt to think of a parent as a bad parent who enables their child to do wrong by defending them every time they get in trouble than I would for their kid getting in trouble. Kids will get in trouble. It happens.

9. When your child brings up an issue at home,  don’t hesitate to call the teacher about it. 

Communicate! communicate! communicate! How many times has a parent allowed something to stew and fester and cause division when a simple phone call would have quickly solved the misunderstanding. If your child says a teacher said or did something to them that you view as wrong. Call the teacher and talk about it. That’s biblical. Don’t gossip about it. Don’t criticize. Don’t let it fester inside. Communicate. Most of the time it can be resolved with a little communication.

10. Be involved in your child’s education. 

Children will only care about their education as much as the parents care. If you aren’t making sure your kids are doing their homework, they probably aren’t. If you aren’t staying on top of their grades, they probably aren’t as high as they could be. Please be involved.


If every parent could teach for one year they would agree with everything I’ve written here







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  1. Wow. That is good food for thought. Any time our kids have a complaint about anything a teacher did, that becomes a teaching point to find out how they could have been a better student or how they could better respond to the teacher. We never assume the teacher is wrong, and especially not in your wife’s case! Lol


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