Why I Love The IFB Movement

I would like to share my heart and passion for the IFB movement if that’s ok. I’d also like to tell you about myself and my family for those who don’t know me.

I grew up in a pastor’s home. My father to this day pastors in Tracy, CA. I don’t regret one thing about being a PK.

My father was saved as an adult while attending a state university getting his mechanical engineering degree. He was inducted into the hall of fame for running. His cross country team went undefeated all four years of college. He was one race shy of making it into the Olympics but broke his leg one week before the race. My dad after graduating with a secular degree was called into ministry. He quit his management job in GM to go to BBC Springfield Missouri. He later transferred to Hyles- Anderson college.

My mother was a bus kid. She was reached through Brother G. B. Vick’s ministry in Detroit Michigan.

They were both first generation Christians, though both of their parents on both sides got saved later in life.

I have a passion for the IFB movement because it is real. It was real enough to my dad for him to leave a lucrative career to serve God.

I love the IFB movement because of its heart for souls. My mother was reached because of a church that cared for bus kids. Dr Hyles, in my opinion, was the most influential preacher in modern time of the IFB movement. He had a passion for souls that he passed along to those he trained.

I love the IFB movement because of its passion for holiness. In a Christian culture that is fast dropping their biblical standards of holiness the IFB movement is a beacon of truth that still desires to proclaim God’s holiness as well as God’s desire for us to be holy.
1 Peter 1:16 KJV
Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

I love the IFB movement because of its stand for the King James Bible. Virtually every mainline “evangelical” denomination has left the King James Bible, except for the IFBs. My Bible says that God’s WORDS are pure. I believe in an every word Bible. Perfect preservation through divine inspiration.

No, we are not perfect, and I don’t believe we should snub our noses at those who don’t believe quite like us, but I do believe that we should contend for our faith. Every bit of it. Not fighting people but fighting for what we believe. If our movement is to survive, we must teach the younger generation as well as our congregations the whole counsel of God. From mainline doctrine to biblical standards.

I’m not anybody special. I’m just a somebody who is absolutely passionate to make sure the torch of truth is passed on. I see so many of my friends from Bible college joining this new IFB movement. The sad thing is they don’t see what that kind of Christianity will produce in the second and third generation.

I pray that this will encourage you IFB folk that you aren’t alone. That there are still 7,000 that haven’t bowed the knee to baal.

May God bless you and our movement!


  1. So the New IFB have bow the knee to Baal? Just want to make sure I am following your logic the way you intend.


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