Convenient Christianity

Written by Pastor Brent Williamson:

The 21st century American church (most) no longer has any resemblance to the 1st century church. In the first century church it was much more simple….”Fire, Passion, and Tears”
Today it’s “Entertainment, Political correctness, Emotion”.

First century was Prayer, fasting, and obedience to the Holy Spirit….which drove the early church into missions.
Today in the 21st century church it’s whatever is painless, fun, and feeling good about self…which keeps most inside the 4 walls….very little to no sacrifice.
The early church knew in order to serve Jesus and win souls it would entail suffering and possibly martyrdom.
I could write a whole book on this topic, but the 21st century church has gotten used to the void of the Holy spirit working, and the void of the Presence of God in its midst.
Sounds like I’m being harsh? Really? Am I really being hard or am speaking from the heart of God? Isn’t God grieved over what we call church today? Leonard Ravenhill said “120 disciples got filled with the Holy Spirit in the early church, and turned the world upside down, and we have supposed millions of believers in our nation filled with the Holy Spirit, and we are the most rotten nation on earth?!” Pretty strong language but makes one think over our dire situation.
Just answer this one thing…where is the Passion, the Tears, and the Fire that once drove the early church! May we shut ourselves in with God till it comes back!
I don’t know about you but I’m tired seeing the enemy destroy our youth and our families! Jesus Christ is still the ONLY hope and answer for our nation!


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