The Number One Reason No One, but Especially Black People, Should Ever Want To Vote Democrat

The Disgusting Truth About the Democratic Party

The Democratic party has always been the racist party. Always. The democrats fought to keep slavery. The democrats were for the Jim Crow laws. When the republicans tried to give blacks the right to vote, the Democratic party fought them tooth and nail. And it has not changed.

The media wants you to think Trump hates black people. Every time I ask a black democrat what President Trump had said or done that is racist against black people I always get blank stares. Why because he’s not racist. In fact in 1986 Jesse Jackson, Rosa Parks and Mohammed Ali awarded Donald Trump the Ellis Island award because of his inclusiveness to black people. Jesse Jackson once said about Trump that he was a, “champion of minority empowerment”, according to an article in The Daily Caller.

This is why no black person should ever vote for another democrat again. Planned parenthood, which is heavily backed and funded by the democratic party,  is calling for genocide of the black race. On Halloween in a tweet PP, the countries biggest abortion provider, encouraged black women to get abortions instead of going through with their pregnancies. Now understand that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, said that her goal with these abortion clinics was to, “exterminate the negro race.” She spoke at women’s chapters of the kkk regularly. So her whole goal was genocide of the black race. And yet Hillary Clinton says she was a great woman. Just reverse the roles here for a minute. Imagine if Donald Trump praised a person who said that it was her goal to “exterminate the negro race”, yet the democrats can do that and still get voted In by black people. Unbelievable!

In 2015 there were more black babies aborted than were born in New York City. So sad. We literally have a genocide of the black race happening before our eyes and the perpetrators are being voted back into office by the same people they hate. Seeing this tweet by PP is just disgusting.  It just stinks of racism. The democrats still hate black people, unless they are super rich and powerful.

The Democratic Party has effectively convinced the black community that all republicans are racist. Yet they(democrats) were the ones who didn’t want black people to vote. They were the ones who fought to keep slavery, and they are the ones fighting to keep planned parenthood alive and well. You have been lied to. Do research to see if I’m lying, I dare you! You will be shocked to find out the truth.

So here is my question to you black democrats, if you found out that everything you’ve been taught was a lie, would you be willing to change your beliefs?


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