Will The Real Russian Collusion Please Stand Up

For the past year the democratic party led by Hilary Clinton have been crying long and loud, “Trump colluded with the Russians!” Using the liberal media they have been beating this dead horse with zero evidence to back their claims. In fact, the director of the NSA, Michael Rogers, has said they had found no evidence of collusion with Trump and Russia. The FBI has found no evidence. The CIA has found no evidence. The house congressional committee in charge of the collusion investigation has found no evidence. Yet the media touts the story like it is fact, and half the country believes this factless claim.

Here is the real Russian collusion story that the media is deathly silent on. In June 2010 the Russian governments atomic energy company, Rosatum, made the announcement that they were going to place bid on America’s largest uranium producer,  Uranium one. They produce %20 of America’s uranium. While Hillary Clinton was considering the bids on the table,  Bill was paid $500,000 for an hour long speech by the Kremlin. Also to make the already obvious bribery even more obvious, Russians with vested interests donate $145M to the Clinton foundation. In October of 2010 Rosatum wins uranium one. Keep in mind, Uranium is the key ingredient in making atomic bombs. Also keep in mind that Russia is considered an enemy of America.

It gets better. During the 2016 presidential election, Mark Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid the fusion GPS to create a fake dossier on Donald Trump to make it look like collusion had taken place. This dossier was the whole reason the Russian investigating was even launched. So in other words the Trump Russian collusion story was based off of a lie created by Hillary and the Russians…. Will the real Russian collusion please stand up!




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