Make America Great Again

What does President Trump mean by, MAGA?

The social justice warriors will try to claim that this slogan is the President’s secret code for, “Make America racist again”. Or, “Make America White Again”. But what does the phrase really mean? Or better question, what message was President Trump selling that got him in office?


I believe America is great because we are the freest country in the world. I mean people flock to this country like none other. Even the people who hate this country don’t want to leave and go to the countries they claim are greater than our country.

I believe we are great because the foundation of this country is the Judeo- Christian value system. Whether the liberals like to admit it or not this country is founded off the Bible.  We are a Christian nation. Presidents and civil servants still sware into office with their hand on a Bible. There are Bible verses ingraved all over the monuments and buildings in our nation’s capitol. Congress still opens in prayer. We are a Christian nation.


But sadly we are fast drifting away from our nation’s roots. We are passing anti -God, Anti-capitalist laws at an alarming rate.  We are on a slide to destruction as a nation. Study history. Every nation that pushed God and Biblical morals out of its country eventually is destroyed or fades away into the casm of insignificance and failure. That is where we as a Nation are headed.


Though I don’t necessarily think that President Trump understands the spiritual decline in this country, i do believe he sees the anti-American decline. The push for socialism, which is  also Anti-God. The hatred for our national symbols and founding.  I believe Donald Trump is a genuinely patriotic American who wants there to be a country left for his grandchildren. He wants America to go back to where the main problems that teachers dealt with in school were running in the hallways and chewing gum in class. When boys were boys and girls were girls. When men married women. When the crime rate was over 100x less than it is today. Back in the day when men treated women with respect as the weaker vessel.


I believe God is using President Trump to not only bring back nationalism and patriotism but also closer to our biblical founding. He’s cut abortion funding drasticly. He has banned transgenders from serving in the military. He’s bringing back the term, Merry Christmas. He’s undone Obama’s punishment for schools who did not allow boys in the girls restrooms. He appointed a pro life, pro traditional marriage, constitutionalist judge to the highest court of the land. He actually honors war hero’s instead of perverts. Though his knowledge may be limited in the subject, he is not afraid to talk about the Bible or the God of the Bible. He has surrounded himself with good men.


Several things we can do.

First pray. Pray for America. Pray for our leaders.

Secondly, win souls to Christ. No better way to change someone’s thinking than to allow Christ to do it.

Thirdly, vote in godly candidates as much as possible. Stay informed on who are the true conservative candidates running for office.

Fourth, don’t be afraid to talk about social and political issues. The left is blinding their base with lies. Speak the truth in love.


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  1. Yes! Although Trump is calloused a lot of the time in his speech and often puts his foot in his Twittering mouth I believe most of the time he means well, he just has too much pride. But as a new Christian God is molding him and he will work out those link and guide and direct him better and better if we as Christians will do our part and pray for him as well as the rest of our leaders.

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